Year 6

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Welcome to Year 6

Miss Ferguson - Class 13 Teacher
Mrs Bailey - Class 13 Teaching Assistant

Miss Pike - Class 14 Teacher
Mrs Brown - Class 14 Teaching Assistant


This term in English, we will be looking at a variety of Non-fiction and fiction texts. In Spring 1, we will be writing a balanced argument and a non-chronological report. In Spring 2, we will be writing an exciting fiction story based on ‘defeating the monster’.


In Spring, we will be focusing on a variety of areas in Maths. This includes: Decimals, Percentages, Perimeter, Area and Volume, Properties of Shapes, Position and Direction, Ratio, Algebra and Statistics.


Science is very exciting this term. We will be starting off learning all about Evolution and Inheritance, looking at how we inherit genes from our parents and how fossils tell us about the past. In Spring 2, Class 13 will be learning all about animals including humans, looking at the Heart and healthy lifestyles. While Class 14, will look at electricity and making their own electrical circuits.


In Spring 1, we will be looking at Map skills. This will involve us looking at a variety of mapsand using our skills locate places. We will use skills such as, 6-figure grid references, measuring distance and locating places. We will also look at (and compare) cities and counties of the UK.


In spring 2, we will be learning all about Crime and Punishment throughout the years. Starting with Romans and moving all the way to Victorians.


In Spring 1, we will be looking at insects and designing our own insect sculpture using the skills we have learnt this year. This includes, weaving, sewing, monoprinting and joining.


In Spring, we will be looking at the question: Is it better to express your religion in arts and architecture or in charity and generosity?


In Spring, we will be learning the song ‘You’ve got a friend’ by Carole King and using our Glockenspiels to create our own composition to this iconic song.


In Spring 1, we will be learning all about thinking positive. This involves us looking at mindfulness and how we can stay positive in situations. In Spring 2, we will be looking at Children’s rights and the different articles involved in this.


In Spring, we will be continuing to practice our French speaking and listening skills. We will be learning all about French months, body parts and more

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