Year 2

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Welcome to Year 2

Mrs Langley - Class 5 Teacher
Mrs Hirons - Class 5 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Patel - Class 5 1:1 Support

Mr McKenna - Class 6 Teacher
Mrs Pavaz - Class 6 Teaching Assistant
Miss Crimes - Class 6 1:1 Teaching Assistant


In our maths learning we will be looking at place value, ordering and comparing numbers to 100 and adding and subtracting 1 digit and 2 digit numbers with a focus on mastering the number line method building on our number bond knowledge from Year 1. We will also be learning our x2, x5 and x10 times tables. As we end the term, Year 2 will be completing the geometry (shape) unit. Numbots is a fantastic way for your child to practise the various maths units stated above.


Welcome back to school and starting a new Autumn term in Year 2.
In English, we will be exploring the problem story of ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ by developing our use of punctuation and cohesive sentences. Year 2 will be developing and writing their own problem stories. Year 2 will also explore Traditional Tales with a focus on word types such as nouns, adjectives and adverbs. The non-fiction texts we will explore are about the Dragon who stalks Manchester


In our science lessons, we will be looking at Animals including Humans, with a focus on what animals and humans need to survive, life cycles, healthy eating, exercise and good hygiene. Next, there will be a unit Living things and their Habitats, we will explore different habitats, food chains and micro-habitats around our school environment.


Our geographical skills will be put to the test as we learn about physical and human features of our local area. We will be using these skills to explore the physical features of the four countries in the UK and the surrounding seas.


Our history learning will take us right back to the Moon landing in 1969 and various explorers who have significantly changed history such as Chrisopher Columbus and Ernest Shakleton.


Our religious education will focus on what it means to be a Christian in Britain today. PSHE will be on the Zones of Regulations, in line with the rest of the school.


The Art unit is based on the 2024 Paris Olympics, we will be using our collaging skills to make medals based on the 2024 designs. The result will end up on a display in the hall for all to see.


The DT unit explores how we can make healthy meals linking our science learning new skills such as grating and slicing safely.


In Music we will focus on learning the dimensions of music, Texture, Timbre, Structure and Melody through learning about different rock bands.

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Thank-you to all for your continued support.
Mrs Langley and Mr McKenna

Key Information

Weekly routine

Reading books and Snuggle Up books: Reading bookbags need to be returned on Wednesdays. New reading books will be sent out to your child on Thursdays. Your child will receive one phonetically decodable book and one challenge book. Children should read the book at least three times over the week becoming increasingly more fluent with each read. A snuggle up book will also be sent out to your child for you to read to them as a bedtime story.
Homework and Spellings: KS1 homework books for Maths and English will be provided for your child. Your child will also have weekly spellings to learn. Both will be given out and changed every Thursday. Please ensure homework books and Snuggle Up books are in school every Wednesday in the provided Home Work Bag.
PE: Thursday morning and Friday afternoons. Please come dressed in PE kit on Thursdays and Fridays.

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